“I normally refuse to join in campaigns but this seemed so important, and the ‘safety’ covers so absurd and dangerous, that I agreed”
Author, TV presenter & Patron of FatallyFlawed
Dr Adam Hart-Davis



“Sockets in the UK are designed to keep people safe. Our UK design has been better than the majority of other countries, for many years.  Socket covers are an absolute con and totally unnecessary.” 
Engineering, Maths and Science presenter on TV
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Johnny Ball

Fact Sheets

IMPORTANT: This information applies to BS 1363 sockets only   

Click on a title to download PDF version of our Fact Sheets. 
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Do I Need Socket Covers? - Fact Sheet

Takes a look at how safety is built-in to UK sockets,
and discusses why covers are unnecessary.

Does Size Matter? - Fact Sheet

Standard sockets are made for standard plugs.
What happens when you put a socket cover with the wrong size pins into a socket?

Dimensional errors in sample socket covers - Fact Sheet

None of the samples we have tested are made to the correct dimensions, this technical data sheet presents the measurements that we have made. (Latest 2018 version)

Barnardo’s have prepared two versions of a leaflet which may also be used as a poster.

These may be used to help spread the word, they may also be displayed in childcare setting to help parents understand the issue.

Version 1 is an A4 sheet as shown right.

Version 2 is also A4, but arranged in two columns.

Cover collection

Do YOU still think “safety socket covers” are a good idea?

The bottom line is:
Safety is designed into UK sockets  - plug in  covers reduce safety!

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